I’m sure there must be some skilled photographers on here. How bout we start up an ongoing photography thread a la the Sketch Fu and doodling threads?

Here’s a couple shots from last week I really liked.

Let’s see em folks!

Great idea Spizzy!

Too bad most of the “good stuff” I’ve captured over the years is on Kodachrome 64 transparencies … . :neutral_face:

From back in the day when you took a carousel with you to an interview … and it was easier to store “slides” than have a ton of prints lying around getting yellow. I have a ton of old B&W prints too … well, half a ton anyway.

May be time to invest in a new scanner?

Nice Idea, I’ll dig some up, that second has great light, color, and contrast!

What I like most about it is the reflected light off the white paint onto the brick wall.

I’ll add a little contribution to this topic.

Holy cow is that surreal! Underwater in a swimming pool is my guess?

Music photography is my passion, hope you enjoy -

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Underwater in a swimming pool is my guess?

Yeah, spot on. You get some quizzical looks when people first see that.

Music photography is my passion, hope you enjoy

They look quite cool. You may be interested in the work of Tony Mott.

Oh, thanks for reminding me about having to update what’s on my Flickr too!

here’s one i took in berlin that i liked.

And this one was in Milan.

Here are a few I took of a recent hiking trip in UT. This place was unbelievable!!!

Another contribution of mine. This is the foyer of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. The place was getting renovated so there was a few closed areas. The exhibits that were showing were very cool though.