Even though I’m posting this in OFF TOPIC, I’m wondering why there is no photography sub-forum on here…

Productphotography is an important part of my ID master at this moment, and most fellow-students are always busy with cameras.

Is it just my school? I’ve always thought 90% of all designers had an interest in photography :wink:

I agree. Good point, my friend.

lol, dating a photographer works as well

good shout, i think thats an awesome idea

Try this link!

its off? (volume turned down) and there is a reflection of the photographer in the background. Still a sweet picy though

I agree with the idea that photography is a huge part of the Design discussion. I will run it up the flagpole to Admin and see what they say.

In the meantime, check out this video that was produced on the new Canon EOS…blows me away that HD quality video can be created on an SLR camera! Dear Santa…

The content is cheesy, but it is seriously fun to look at from a photography perspective.