Photographing product glamour shots

I’m trying to photograph using a digital camera (3.2 mpix) various small products, SLAs, and zcorps models on my desk.

All of them are coming out decent but not quality glamour. Anyone got any suggestions to getting hot shots? I know its all about lighting, I don’t have a full photo booth, I do have some tripod lights, desk halogens, back drop, that I set up around a makeshift “booth” ON MY DESK.

Also, any advice or tips on photographing whites (z-corp)? The yellow lights are hideous on it. Any tips on enhancing it in photoshop (levels, b/c, h/s/b, etc)? Is it worth lassoing and photochopping out backgrounds and making your own “drop shadows” and “gradient” background?


read some stuff on 3 point lighting. Maybe pu the white items in front of a coloured board?

Don’t do it on you desk. Take it out on a good sunny day at around 4pm and set them on white foam cores. You will get good shots easily.

You can also use extra piece of white foam cores as reflectors. When you are done, just photoshop the environment out.

To get the clearest shot, you have to use a tripod. Cover the foam core with some tin foil when reflecting sunlight. You’ll get much more reflectivity that way.

I had a similar post a while back - there are some really good tips:

The best link on there is to MorgueFile:

Great beginning photography lessons down to how to buld light diffusers…

I had to shoot some RPs recently. The white on white came out rubbish but i tried back lightling with a dull blur light and they came out ok. Also try lighting from below on a light box with colour film over the top

Definately take it outdoors on a clear and sunny day.

If it’s not a good day, and you need them, you get a big piece of white paper and stick two thumbtacks into the wall and have the paper curve onto a surface (table / bed / other) you can get a decent backdrop for cheap.

With regards to the shot, try using CFL’s. Their light isn’t quiet as yellow and you can reduce hot spots.