Photo Studio Equipment

I am thinking about purchasing a studio power pack and strobes.

Its been 10 years since I have done any studio work and would love to get some insight as to what’s available for a decent set up. Looking to do product shots, possibly people.

Doing a bit of looking around I was thinking about getting a used Novotron setup on eBay. Thoughts? Other suggestions?

I would be dusting off my old film set up to start, but would like to know if there are any considerations needed should I get a digital SLR.


We use an older version of this set plus the III. I think this is even beter and the price is hard to beat.

Ahhh…those are hotlights.

Probably a better idea actually than investing in a strobe setup. Do these things get stinking hot? Are you able to use a diffuser box with them?

Yes, they get hot. For sure. We had a tungsten strobe set up for a while and it was great if people had time to set it up properly but the straight pillow set-up turned out to be easier for the entire team to use.

I’d check out this kit by Profoto.

Those profoto strobes look good. What power supply would you recommend for them?

I use an Opus K25088 Kit - is available at Call 888-694-6735
I bought an additional softbox for it.

If you have any questions I could answer, let me know.

Am I seeing that correctly? Do those strobes have the power supply built into them with a wireless synch?

Yes they do.

Very cool. I am going to go check them out at a local dealer this afternoon.