PHOTO GALLERY >>> NW Vintage Rally

So, I was walking around downtown PDX, running to meet some people for dinner, and I litterally stumbled upon the staging area for the NW Vintage Rally. An amazing array of rare cars from step nose Alfa’s to 4 E-Types, to a 300 Gullwing!

Check them out in this photo set:

THAT’s what I’m talking about!

Nice, thanks again for the pics. I’d take any of those, esp. the alfa GT, 190SL, 300SL, 356 speedster, and Jag E-type (Oh, OK, I guess I could handle having to drive the Roller if need be).

also, i never realized the E-type fastback rear hatch opened up like that. odd, but cool.


here’s a question:

Just saw a great vintage 1958 corvette today, and a stingray (dunno why it was corvette day?), and was thinking…

All these great old, chrome detailed, personally styled (as opposed to some CAD-general-radius-buffonery-generic) cars are awesome. I think most would agree.

How is it that companies don’t take the old the designs to some of these and do a “retro” re-release. I’m not talking about an updated retro-esque style a la Beetle, Mini, etc., but a genuine panel for panel re-do like some of the kit cars out there? New brakes, stereo, bumpers (i suppose) etc., but for the most part, a 1:1 copy of the original? They do it in footwear and other products (ie. KitchenAid mixers) enough, why not cars?

I’d kill for a remake of a Jag E-type anyday, or vintage porsche, even a few american cars. New styling, IMHO, esp. when they try to remake a classic car/marque, always sucks… don’t skirt around the issue, car companies, just pump out the originals! Sounds like a recipe to print money, as far as collectors and vintage enthusiasts are concerned…

“new-retro” mustang, challenger, camero = FAIL, in my books. Not 1/2 the car of the original!

sure, there are some safety issues and changes that would be required to do the re-release, but looking at any car now vs. one 20yrs ago, i can’t help but think things have gone terribly awry and become bloated. example:jag E-type = possibly the most s3xy design ever penned. New Jag XF = meh.