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201 pics from the show this weekend:

Yo, ya hurt me baddddd. … .

Summer, 1969, Benny Thompson’s dad’s maintenance building, a really rough '54 Corvette,

stripped to the frame, 150 h.p. 235 c.u.i., triple sidedraft Carter, “stovebolt” inline Blue Flame Six

unceremoniously tossed over into the corner, and a stock 283 stuffed into the engine bay (now we’re talkin’ power baby), interior reupholstered by his mom. … … whatta ride. His old man wanted to kick our ass for what we did to that machine.

Burnt to the ground one night on the way home from the local drive-in when the red-hot “cherry” from his cigarette fell down between the seats… … whatta summer.

yummy. me love chrome…


If we’re on the subject heres a link to my gallery from the Greenwich Concours.

Those side vents on the old Gull Wing SL’s are still one of my favorite details of all time…


I saw the gallery and could not help but notice the similairities…It’s almpst as if someone told us to go to the museum and draw what you see…hahaha…Nice work, as always
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My recent shoot at the Eyes on Design in Detroit…I have a whole series on the grille reflections…
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Dan Zimmermann


That is hilarious… it is almost the same picture!

Pizzuti is friggin tearing it up over here BTW. He is awesome!

Whoa, some sweet stuff there!