Photo enlargement

Hey, does anyone have any good experiences in enlarging photos, any good tricks or software? Going from about 200%, but to a poster thats getting printed, so it really doesnt have to be as good quality as a normal photo. All tips very welcome!


Photoshop. Use the Best For Enlargement setting when you up the size/resolution. It’s not perfect, but it will keep things fairly tight since you’re only going up 200%

If you are doing large format printing, meaning poster size, you can get away with 100-150dpi for your image.

Thanks for replying!

I do have a CS6 version of Photoshop on my computer, so do I just change the resolution with Resampling Image on and with the Best for enalargement settings? The printer (print24) did say they recommend 300 dpi but I was thinking that a little less should be fine since its a poster and no one willl be looking at it very close.

And what about software spefically made for this like Blow Up, any experiences if theyre any better?


If you already have an image on the computer then you don’t really need to resample it. Just send it to the printer as is. The printer will compensate and use whatever resolution you have available in your image.

Thanks Cyberdemon I’ll try that!