Phone Interview Questions

I will be graduating this coming weekend, and I have my first interview for an ID job coming up via telephone this following week with the design team of a company. Just wondering what type of questions I should expect? I have never had an interview that was not in person, so I am just curious about what should I expect, and what an interviewer is looking to get out of a phone interview?

Anyone have any insight?



This might not be what you are looking for, but be sure to have a clear voice and to speak slowly. Your voice is all the interviewer gets to hear make sure it impresses him.

My advice would be : prepare it.

Have notes with you with

  • your background, school, internships and what you learned there
  • projects you want to discuss
  • a list of question you want to ask them about the company, the projects etc. I always ask tons of question, because when they are busy replying, they don’t ask you weird questions you never think about, and also they see you’re truly interested in the company and that you understand their challenges.
    Also ask a few questions about one or two projects in their portfolio and try to explain why you liked (or dislked) them. Or ask them why they did things this way.

It will be different of what you prepared, for sure, but you’ll be so much more confident with yourself and you’ll manage things very well.

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: