Phone interview questions...

What kind of questions were you asked in the phone interview?
Do they want to find out my credentials or want to see if my personality would fit in their company?
After I sent out my sample I was offered a phone inteview.
I’ve never had one and don’t know what to expect.

from my experience…

a phone interview is more of a “getting to know the type of person you are” thing than - “let’s see what you got”… When I interviewed over the phone it was more of a walk through of my portfolio and examples of projects discussed in depth.

A lot of the time was answering real basic questions about myself. - I was asked “if I camp or hike very often”… Questions about my schooling experience - the city I lived in etc.

The key is to remain as relaxed and as much yourself as possible. The phone is more a personality screening test. Just enjoy the experience!

Good luck!

stand in front of a mirror it helps relax you

Thanx for great the advice,Totally make sense!
Peace :neutral_face:

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