Philips Designs

Anyone from Core77 members who have worked in Philips Design HK or any design center of Philips around the world?

  1. Any first hand experiences in terms of design challenges and creativity?
  2. How does the interactions and collaboration with other design center?
  3. Career growth?

I’ve had friends that worked there. Very fast paced and dynamic and you get stuff to market which is mentioned above.

@ ChrisB : Thank you for the insights. Very well explained.
It is true that creative directors and designers stayed there for 15 to 30 years…

a friend woirked in Philips HK for a couple years… he has some interesting products in his portfolio, similar to the kinds of work that you’d get at a consultancy (Philips Mp3 players, speakers, medical, etc. ). I’d imagine that you’d get to follow the products through to manufacture like most corps as well and make sure the final product was as perfect as possible

Also, around 2000 I interviewed at Philips Paris and believe that satellite studio was working for Philips as well as outside clients, kind of like an in-house consultancy.

They have a unique set up where they are able to work on some non competitive work for other companies. Financially their model is also somewhat unique, they actually bill internally, so if a BU wants to use Phillips Design they are actually charged, which is how Phillips Design gets it’s budget. Some of the BUs have their own design groups as well that are not attached to Phillips Design. Pretty fascinating.

@ Travisimo and Yo, Thanks for the feedback. It looks like that Philips Design has a very good reputation for design and innovation.