philips design

can we say philips is the best when it comes to design of consumer appliances? is their simplicity team doing pathbreaking work???

…i dunno about ‘the best’…they do excellent design work and have been coming on strong for years…soincare and senseo are huge market successes and thier electronics are nicely turned out…seems to me they are doing the right things and doing them right.

I think that over many years, Philips - that means Stefano Marzanos’ design team - has been very consistent in terms of their sober form languange. What I also rate highly is that, every so often, he launched research projects into the various areas of consumer electronics and user-scenario driven future products. For example, check the book “Television at the Crossroads”. Although it’s based on CRT technology, the overall approaches to what TV means - visualised through design - are still relevant today. You can see reflections of the findings of that book in many students’ portfolios today when it comes to screen-centered communication and entertainment products.

So, yes, look out for the special design/research projects by Philips. Always worth looking at in depth.

“the best” is an incredibley subjective term.

Yes, Phillips do some excellent work in the area of Consumer Appliance design.

Personally, I find their aesthetic often is a bit over-designed.