Phil Frank

Awesome new site, easy to navigate, blah blah.

He is boviously an accomplished designer and all with kickass sketching abilities to boot.

However, is it just me or does the whole saleen modifying seem corny and frivolous? Like adding on alien looking bumpers full of vents and holes to “make it look aggressive.” I wonder who the target market is and if there is a large demand to justify whoring out a Mercedes or a Mustang.

It seems more like the mods that street ricer civic coffee can muffler crowd would desire. I think the saleen Mercedes looks retarded. Same as when I see a car with decals and flames all over.

“XXX RACING” in bold arial type across the windshield and holes (“vents” make it go FASTER!) all over the car… On a $1,000 civic driven by a counter culture street ricer kid? ok fine. On a $50,000+ Mercedes driven by 30+ year old? Get a life. Or buy a Ferrari.

the bees are on the what now?

Funny, I was wondering what this post was about so I searched Phil Frank’s website. I was rolling on the floor laughing at his arrogance, in his own bio he describes himself as being “among the most distinctly accomplished designers of his generation”. Now, it takes one enormous ego to say that about yourself.

bad type hurts everyone.

His site must be so loaded down with ego type, it doesn’t load on my high speed computer!

“among the most distinctly accomplished designers of his generation”

You know… I’ve never even heard of the guy before until I saw the link on the core first page… so I thought I’d check it out. I like some of the product work, who doesn’t? Nike has a great design center and anyone working there can claim the fame for most products in their department. But then I stumbled upon the bio page… and read the extremely controversial self-proclaimed statement I’ve heard since Al Gore invented the internet. Wow… I’m working with designers right now that have more impressive track records and portfolios than that… Amazing what people will do to try to get a head…

I have to say, I am impressed by this guys designs. I hope that I can have portfolio like this when I’ve been in the industry as long as he has.

That said, why are websites posted to the core blog when someone updates their online portfolio? I just updated mine a few months back, who do I call when I feel ready to advertise, er, reveal it to Core’s visitors?

Nike’s design department is a sweat shop.

Humble is not in this guy’s vocabulary.

Actually he is a very low key and down to earth guy. Allways helpful and allways does his best to push things further.

sweat shop= underpaid, overworked, miserable working conditions, crap work.

nike design= decent pay, time to get the design right, amazing campus and facilites, challenging projects with unlimited resources.

hmmm…you decide,

I’ve seen sweat shop, it is corporate design but it is not a sweat shop.

PHIL FRANK! coolest dude i have ever met!

Yeah, but is he “among the most distinctly accomplished designers of his generation”?


He’s an OK dude.

I’m sure he really is a cool dude. Lots of people are.

But I think the original post was about the Saleeen mustang/Benz whoring.