Phd in the U.S?

hello, everyone. I live outside of states and never been there before.
and I’m about to attend my master in Japan(i’m not japanese).
at the same time I’m considering about taking Phd in US after master
(I’m deeply interested in studying & researching about design)

so I have some questions to ask you.

  1. will it be more difficult to adapt to american education since I have my
    master degree in other country? (if I get in Phd directly)

  2. and is there any advantages to have master taken in the US when ppl
    try to apply Phd program from abroad?

thank you.
and also phd programs & any experience will be welcomed!

will your Masters be specific to ID?

yes, Im going to study specified I.D.
i mean not only draw sketches & renderings,
more focused on concepting, co-op works, design strategy & management, etc.

IIT in Chicago is your only option, Arizona State has a generalized program in design that you should consider as well - when the time comes.

thank you for your reply.
how do you think about CMU or UC?
I just wanna know the diffrences betwwen IIT & others.

and also i’m considering about design management.
i know Brunel(UK) & Pratt(US) has the programmes.
but do you know any other good programmes?

thanks again.

There are plenty of good grad programs, just not many ID Phd’s to choose from.
Nothing wrong with being a professional student - just keep in mind that the less actual on-the-job work experience you have limits your teaching career potential.

Be aware that a PhD can limit your employment options in the US. In general, companies prefer work experience and are skeptical about the intentions of PhD’s.

that’s a good point, be sure to have a few years of work experience before trying for the Phd.