Pharrell Williams Tank Chair

Pharrell is still trying to add furniture designer to his resume. I wonder how he came about developing this.

It looks like he just found a school chair, reupholstered it and bolted it to an Acrylic Track like base. I will probably sell for a ton of money or make it into a museum somewhere.

It’s sort of the new Memphis. I was hoping more pieces would be a pairing of fashion and usability. Like Chair one, with a concrete base. Chair one is very comfortable, Pharrell’s tank chair looks not so much. On the other hand there are chairs out there they may be grad to look at but suck to sit on. By default for me they would fail as a good chair design (see Ross Lovegrove’s Go chair). The Go chair will give you scoliosis after about twenty minutes of sitting in it.

i refer to the quote at the bottom of my posts by milo baughman.

I was hoping more pieces would be a pairing of fashion and usability.

I agree that this piece is most likely not a good pairing of these two. What I find is interesting is that Pharrell is a successful rap/hip hop artist, producer, and fashion designer (Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream Wear) who now is taking a stab at furniture design. I am sure that he didn’t go to school for this and his background is different than most of ours. I don’t think that he would understand what new Memphis is really. I believe (and I could be wrong) that he feels he can do this and is designing from the gut.
My comment about the piece being sold for a lot of money or finding its way into a museum didn’t really have anything to do with the piece being good or not, it was that it was designed by a famous person and that that might be enough.

I like it- although the gears wouldn’t really work as a tank :slight_smile: They would be spinning in opposite directions.

This has to be a joke. It’s total crap.

I can appreciate studio pieces of furniture, but it seems that this is not meant as such. Unless it’s just the visual proportions being off, it seems like sitting on this for any length of time would cause the total loss of feeling in your legs.

I’m surprised you like it MasterBlaster.

I don’t really see much value in it other than another thing to fill the constant void of bad blog content.

Rather unattractive as a functional chair. From a sculptural standpoint it’s okay. Anyone else seen his perspective chair? The one with the male/female legs… Pretty ridiculous imho.

Its different, ridiculous, and a little redneck- thats why I like it- not a very strong reason admittedly, but so much of the furniture I see has a cookie cutter IKEA feel.

I have seen his perspective chair which I think is a little bit better than this one. I wonder who builds these for him and how he comes up with them? Maybe he was inspired by these:
tank chair.jpg
Wooden Tank Chair.jpg

See, now that first one is cool.

[quote=“MasterBlaster” but so much of the furniture I see has a cookie cutter IKEA feel.[/quote]

agreed! so much out there is plain and simple rectilinear in shape… i greatly appreciate simplicity and minimalism, but i get a little sick and tired and flat out BORED of 50s-modern.

One must be obsessed with something, mus’n’t one?

It really doesn’t help when he tries to explain the reason for making it.

Thats enough hot air for a transcontinental balloon race!

Oh, that was 5 painfull minutes i’ll never get back… What an horrible interview.