Peugeot Concept

maybe i missed someone posting about this. cool to see it happen.

That’s pretty cool, I must say.

The concept is very open-air and elegant. I’m not too sure how functional that design would be in a real world environment. Looks like a really expensive golf cart or something.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t really get it.

This is another chapter in an interesting story. When the moovie first appeared in the contest, it looked different because the polycarbonate had a much darker tint than it does now. This prevented you from seeing what was inside it, so many people did’nt understand the concept. They thought it looked like a plastic small appliance. Then it won the contest. I think peugeot’s design team may have gotten together with the designer and made many improvements to the original design while they were making the full size model. If you look at 3 of the winners of the last interior motives design contest, you will see that they may have been inspired by the moovie. You will also find influences of moovie in a new nissan concept car. It looks like the moovie was just a little ahead of it’s time. Not bad for a car that people thought was some kind of a joke.

Yeah ugly is the WORD.

The crash test(s) information would interesting to see?

The theme for the last peugeot contest was design the peugeot of your dreams. Moovie won because it had more originality than any other concept. It appears to be a car that has no wheels. What may or may not be wheels are rings that surround the doors. This vehicle cant be used on a road, because it has no ground clearence, but it can be driven on railroad tracks, so it qualifies as a vehicle. I guess “peugeot of your dreams” was interpreted as meaning, not the peugeot of everybody else’s reality.