Peugeot Comp Entries

this comp has gotten some talk. saw these. thought i’d share links.

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
09 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -

Gotta love the sliding van door on no.#2

true true…but still doesn;t beat my low rider white-blk tinted 1997’ chevi Astro VAn…ahhahaaha.

if only you could see the interior…with all the taco bell stains…IT IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SEREOUS JUNKYARD COLLECTOR.

couple are pretty nice. doubt most of them are IDers. just people having some fun.

I dig the Syd Mead rendering style on #3
…It just needs an alien dog behind the car to finish it off.

Can’t believe he pulled it off entirely in Bryce!

most definitely Syd Mead-looking. that one caught me. other was this Blender one. dont care for it. but thats pretty good for free software. (we need image resize option)

heres a few others off cardesignnews: (at least I assume they are since they where all posted in the last few days)

that comp rendering that is a cream-TAXI one. that one drew my attention out of all of them. functional, i am not sure especially with that glass all in the front. but a great looking concept. BUT. it looks nice in that angle…oh ye i like the light formation, but what about other angles-need more angles. the back could be a total disaster-would never kno…yo you have a link to this pic. maybe there are more angles i could check out.


It was from one of these:

but I can’t remember which one.

these ones didn’t make it: