Peter Arnell Book... say what?

Gotta hand it to the guy…

Arnell became infamous in the ad business after Tropicana paid him $35 million to redesign its juice cartons — and sales of the OJ brand collapsed amid a storm of protest from consumers who liked the old design better.

$35 million!?!?! Seriously!?! I had no idea that’s what they dropped on that. And from what it sounds the guy is a complete name-dropping lunatic. 50 oranges a day? Come on.

What a Jackass. He is notorious for being paid big bucks to destroy brands.

I was just re-reading that Pepsi/Tropicana/Arnell thread and someone mentioned him being called The Bernie Madoff of Advertising. I can see why now.

Wow, googling his name turns up quite a collection of none-flattering articles, “worst 14 bosses”-List among others.

So with so many major disasters, why do people keep using him? I would suspect that pepsi would have done some research before putting out that much loot…Or is this just another one of those business-people/politic moves that I am still to green to understand?

I think people use Arnell for the same reason that people read horoscopes. It’s easier on the conscious to give up a decision to a higher athority. Pepsi believed in Arnell because he charges $35 million. At the end of the day, Pepsi was still the one to approve their design, and they chose unwisely. Perhaps we should argue that Arnell is incapable of selling the best idea to their clients?

What this does make me think about is how it would be nice to have a better organization selling the benefits of GD, ID, etc. If clients know how to pick a good designer, less charlatans will be tarnishing our names.

50 oranges, is like 3750 calories. I won’t say that I doubt he eats many oranges, but c’mon. All that sugar, all those calories. All that acid in your digestive tract every day all day? How can that even work?

Maybe he just hurls them at his peons?

Or just use the bag as a non-bruising weapon.

He does eat a ridiculous amount of oranges. I have met him. His hands are orange. He used to weigh around 350lbs and lost a ton of weight. Maybe oranges are the secret to weight loss.

I dunno, maybe he should switch to blueberries so that his hands are purple all day, you know like the same result from ink packs in stolen cash have…oh wait.