Pet Peeve - cleanable fans

I agree on the Dyson… If I were to write a positioning statement for them it would be “solving problems that don’t exist through complexity”… But it is nice and simple looking.

as an aside, I dug up this sketch from 2009… I was probably shopping for one…

Update the grille with a Mac Pro-style front/back machining process.

oh that will be easy to clean :slight_smile:

From an engineering perspective, a perforated grille has way less open area than a wire grille or expanded mesh. That means more noise and lower air flow. The bad part is, the grille really drives the entire look and feel!

Same with speakers (basically they move air). Any good speaker will have at least 50% open area, better is a very thin cloth covering, best is nothing… nothing for fans gets complicated I assume, but remember those ones with the foamy blades a few years back?

That’s cute. Fan open area is like 85% + open area. :confused: