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I’m going crazy over my online portfolio. Need some advice please.

basically, i’m a student and want something that people can see what i can do and hire me. but i also want it as a site where people could hire me on a freelance basis too. i’d also love to have a blog w/ it because that might help pull in readers and therefore possibly jobs

i don’t know whether i should blog a diluted ‘i love design THIS MUCH’ style site/personality or allow the full force of my personality (typical loudmouth, hunter s thompson subservise self will all sorts of unusual likes and dislikes) which might turn away prospective employers. in my mind i’d just like to be me and not feel like i’m compromising my personality, but i’m not sure that ranting about cryptography, poetical terrorism, beat poetry, goth music, myth cycles and bladerunner sets would be good for the advancement of my design career.

so I keep fiddling and updating my online portfolio changing it from a fairly standard flash site with no blogging to a CSS HTML style loveliness and the occasional note and now I’m onto integrating a CMS system with plugins and things to allow for blogging, forums and picture slideshows all allowing my to try and pass myself off as a freelance designer AND have the blog for my personality. Currently my site is down for maintenance so i have a breather where i can’t muck about with it.

so… what would be the top two recommendations you’d give me concering what my portfolio website should do/have/contain/be.

i’ve just re-read this and i think it makes sense

i’ve just re-read this and i think it makes sense


I think it makes sense too. I guess the big question is, where do you want to work / who do you want to work for? This could very well dictate a lot of the content of the site you describe. If you are trying to land ANY job then I think safer content / topics with some writing that still shows some of your personality and interests would be the way to go. The ideal ofcourse would be that you post stuff that is entirely representative of you and someone really latches on and wants you for you and then that is probably the person you would also really want to work for, sounds great in theory, but this could be very difficult to make a reality.

good luck

cheers for that. that was what i was thinking… if we latch then beautiful symbiosis would hopefully occur. but then finding that would be like trying to find a smoking pub in the UK.

alternatively, i could have a catch-me-all style site and a completely different blog with the freedom to rant.


yup, that pretty much sums up my thoughts