Personality Flaws

What’s the biggest complaint your non-designer friends have about your personality?

Mine is that I’m picky (about everything).

i am overly sarcastic. my wife says my tone is difficult to understand and i sound aggressive or demanding when i don’t intend to be.

Semi-obsessive compulsive habits.

Ever see “Monk” on TV?

I’m an obsessive pack rat. Scouring tag sales for anything that looks cool. I dread the day when I move.

Definitely the pickyness_ especially when it comes to shops, restaurants, coffee shop interiors…

I am too “big picture”. Always thinking about the big idea and not getting into the nitty gritty details…I get bored about 75% through a project and struggle to finish it off once I know it can/will work.

i am unable to experience anything new without giving it a complete and in depth review

overly open to new things and experiences.

i am flawless LOL, my speeling is perfect too :laughing:

My wife refused to answer the question. However, I know that she thinks I’m too picky. Whenever it comes to buying something, I have to analyze the usability and aesthetics. Just the other day I was debating a toaster because it’s surfaces didn’t flow well into eachother. It still toasts though.

all of the above also, just part of the job description:
-picky (just hurry up and pick something, yeah right)
-never satisfied with status quo
-questioning everything all the time (can’t you just let it go, blah blah)
-always analyzing everything
-always thinking big picture (sacrificing short term comfort for long term benefits)

I think these just partly describe a designers mind, I would think most of us have these traits. It’s what makes us want to create new things instead of just being happy with whatever is already out there.

too picky definitely comes up often
“I just wish you were like other husbands and just let me decorate the house the way I want to.” or some variation of that is stated several times a year. That being said, I definitely compromise for her.

picky and sometimes pessimistic lol

never satisfied, obsessive personality, mixed in with sarcasm served cold.

anyone here a egomaniac? yeah… i didn’t think so.

negative points… lets see if these are, I’ll just list quickly:

-picky, somewhat hard to please.
I think its the profession that we are in. We have to attend to details and ask questions when designing a product. I apply these fundamentals whenever I buy anything…

-quite a miser (my parents think I am one big miser)
I don’t buy unless there is a very good reason.

But I treasure good people and close friends and will give my time and effort generously for a good cause.

However ONE of my biggest ‘flaw’ is I tend to be offensive to certain types of people.