Personal Web Site - Where do I start?

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I can get you set up for a good deal…

So, I just bought a domain,, and hosting service through GoDaddy, about $60 a year for the bare minimum that you guys recommended. If I have any further issues, I’ll post again, and hopefully other people can just read this thread and know what to do when they want their own website.

Thanks everyone who helped!

I did work with godaddy on our chapter idsa page, but it seriously is over complicated to access anything. I switched to 1&1 and will stay with them.

As far as designing the page goes, open source is an excellent way to go, especially when learning to code. I’ve built 4 pages from

As far as image viewers and stuff goes, you would be amazed at how many free programs there are. I have used airtight viewers for several of my pages.

As far as uploading the site, I use filezilla. I HATED using godaddys interface for anything. After you add the account (user/password) to filezilla, it is ridiculously easy to transfer files (and free!)

If you need any other help, feel free to ask. I remember what it was like trying to start out. Thank god my roommate was in web design

Check out It is a really awesome-robust php/mysql web development environment developed specifically for showing off projects. I’m using it for my site and it’s great. As easy to set up as a blog. I can’t say enough good things about it. Check out the examples they have.

It takes a basic knowledge of web development, but the forum is great. There’s even a set-up instructions for dummies (present company included).

I host at Dreamhost. They’re pretty good.

Sorry, I botched the link.

I used Cyberduck and got Indexhibit to work (surprisingly). I think I can just learn some basic HTML formatting to do what others have done with the text treatment and page layout?

I don’t know if I want to be restrained by the Indexhibit layout. It’s not as slick or refined as I wanted. I think iWeb or Dreamweaver would give me more compositional freedom. On the other hand, Indexhibit has been easy so far, so maybe I should try to make it work.

re: indexhibit layouts
I agree the basic layout is not ideal, however:
If you check the forums, you can learn a lot about customizing the “look”. i.e. placing images in the menu bar, rollover menus, updating CSS, etc.
You can also check out the partners pages and if you see ones you like, look at their CSS pages for inspiration.
Here is an example I found:
Firebug is a great Firefox extension for understanding CSS.
Also youtube indexhibit for a good, basic tutorial.[/url]

Everything you could need: email, calendar, webpages. Free, and only $10 a year for your own personal domain address.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t notice you already bought a domain >_<

Well, GoDaddy domain is about that, it’s the hosting that is most of the cost. Thanks, though.

GAFYD is a pretty good tool, though the web creation templates suck. The best thing however is that you can use it even if you have purchased a domain elsewhere to get gmail mail under your domain’s address. I use it this for all my domains and it’s great. All the power and usefulness of gmail (accessible anywhere, huge store, searching, etc.) and to anyone, it looks like a normal email address (ie.

They also have pretty good traffic counters built in which are pretty powerful.


That looks like a good tool R, thank you. I’ll have to check that out once I get my site how I want it to look.

GAFYD = Google Apps for your Domain huh?

That sounds pretty perfect… I have a domain just for a professional email but I’m stuck with Exchange Server and WebMail. It all works alright, but Gmail so much convenient (for me) and online it’s so much nicer…

For hosting on low-traffic pages, Nearly Free Speech is good:

just my thoughts…

i have used godaddy and switched to 1and1 about 5 years ago. i have been with them ever since, and its worked great for me.

one note about your website Cameron is that i didn’t see any contact info on there…

Yeah, I don’t really like the rigid format of Indexhibit, it’s not really a final version at all. I’ll post again when I revise it. So much to do this month for internships!


Me and my brother actually did some freelance work this summer whilst at university.

We made our website using basic flash and dropping it into dreamweaver. However we would probably do it differently now…You can check it out here

Wordpress or something similar would be worth a try.

Having said that most of our work came from contacts and word of mouth so there was very little use for a website at all.

Hope this helps

Good luck



^ Thanks for the advice. I think if I can just get over the hump I’ll be where I want to. I feel that I’m almost there…

In order to avoid pdf email file size headaches, I’ve decided to further learn how to make a decent web site. I’ve set up the autoviewer slideshow alright, but I’d like to make a few custom modifications:

I’d like to have a stationary menu on top, above the slideshow, which contains:

1 - Portfolio PDF download link
2 - CV link
3 - Logo/contact info

Any quick tips on the html to do this or something similar? I changed a few color values in the index.html file, but that’s it. I really have no clue what I’m doing.

(I have iweb and Dreamweaver)


My website URL is in my sig below.

Whn i implemented an image viewer, I had to put it into the body area. I cannot access your code, so i dont really know what is going on. If I were to guess, Im thinking you just uploaded the flash code for the viewer? In order to have a menu bar on the sides (or top) you will need to create a body and menu area. Here is a snip of my code. you see the flash code towards the end, strating with

. This references the css file, which gives the size for the body section (where the flash is). The
is the menu bar, and its coordinates are also referenced in css. Im sorry i cant be much more specific, as web stuff is just something I am basic at.

[project title]

- short description.

SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get]( Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery.
Autoviewer /* hide from ie on mac \*/ html { height: 100%; overflow: hidden; } #flashcontent { height: 100%; } /* end hide */ body { height: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; background-color: #cccccc; color:#ffffff; font-family:sans-serif; font-size:40; } a { color:#cccccc; }
AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get]( Flash here.

indexhibit is the way to go!

so organized, simple. great stats tracking. easy to update. great support in their forum.

if you don’t like the basic layout it’s fairly easy to customize with a bit of CSS learning.