Personal Logo

Do you have your own designer logo that you use on business cards and letterheads? If so, please post it and explain how you decided on that particular style.

Okay, you first.

another thread posted by a student or recent grad

who cares if it’s a student or recent grad? i suppose when you finished school you were so super cool that you never sought advice or asked a harmless question.

i have my own logo AND theme music. sometimes i can barely fit me head through the door.

These posts irritate me too Tommy and guest. Original guest: why don’t you post some sketches you’ve done for your logo and ask, “Do any of these address the core needs of a personal design logo?” You could also ask at that time, “Hey, who has experience in this…what were your goals and what were your results?”.

This is the reason that core has sketches and WIP forums…EXACTLY for questions like that.

If you are doing it for a resume / personal website / etc. Some pointers :

• Pick a legible typeface.

• Try not to include an image that will be used as a logo. I made that mistake and had this bird on all of my material at one point. Boy do I regret that one.

• Pick a legible typeface.

• You can be trendy. Why the hell not. Unless you are going incorporated you don’t really have to worry about the longevity of your logo. But also don’t go too trendy, it can have a negative effect.

• Pick a legible typeface.

Why is there so much animosity towards recent grads and students. And no I’m not one. I just feel that a lot of people in the design industry are either afraid of them or don’t want to give them a chance. we were all there at one time shouldn’t we want to pick their brains and get a fresh look on things.

I tend to agree with Mr-914. Student or professional though, it doesn’t matter, and that’s not the issue.

show us something to help you build on, don’t ask us to dig your trench.

We’ve seen quite a few posts like this lately, asking questions so open ended that it leaves us wondering why we should do the work for that person. it’s not as much of a critique as it is free labor, no one’s gonna participate in that.

But to answer your question, I use the copymachine logo for all my professional need :laughing:

On top of that…for these, “I’m begining a design…” questions, DO SOME RESEARCH. I’m fairly confident that any public library, let alone university library, will have 10 books on logo design that will teach you alot more than two or three Core pointers. After doing that research if you want to know if what you’ve read still follows current trends…that could be a legit question without showing work…but beyond that it’s hard man!

As for students…I get an email from a student once every six months that is relating to a project I’ve done, or company I’ve worked for. I always respond courteously, even if I can’t help. A student that is dedicated enough to troll through portfolios and websites to find my little corner of design deserves that. I wish all posters had that kind of initiative to dig deep to get answers.

On top of that, I still consider myself to be a student of design, and that’s the best part of the profession!