Personal Logo In Progress

I’m going to start making my personal website/portfolio soon. So I figured I needed a logo. Heres a couple of ideas I threw together. Ill add a bit more as I go. Any comments or critiques. Personally found of the third from the bottom on the left.

i am with you on the third from the bottom on the left.
it is a good start and subliminally expresses a masculine phallus symbology

good luck

maybe its the colors, but looks like a hocey team. reminds me of this-

what in particular do you want to communicate? what kind of designer are you (product, graphics, web, toys)?

some more background would be good to help guide the logo direction.


Industrial Designer. Well going into it. Starting my freshman year this fall. My goal is to work for a sports brand designing soccer shoes or any type of footwear really. If i remember correctly rkuchinsky you use to be a designer at Hummel. I remember from the forums on Big Soccer.

But anyways mainly its just suppose to be a logo that when someone sees it they remember it. Example Yo’s “MD” or your 'Arrow." Something along those lines.

maybe try loosening up some of the designs. they all seem very stiff and similar. try to get the entire spectrum of style then narrow down from there maybe.

i wouldnt worry about a personal logo yet.

you have quite some time to develop an identity and style. after you have established this identity and style and what you are into (as richard mentioned), then develop a logo.

if you begin to do quite a bit of sporting goods, something what you have is getting there. if you are into clean simple design, a 35% grey through would be nice with simple letter forms.

also, take a few courses on color theory before you get into logo design. you will begin to understand what colors can provide a pop while remaining neutral. i think the red and black is quite violent especially as an identity.

i just use my first name in light typeface and last in bold typeface so my logo does not overshaddow my projects.


Why do industrial designers need a personal logo? Unless you become a brand like Karim I’m not sure why a logo is needed.

haha, dont call yourself e-man. That isnt gonig to fly. I reminds me of Seinfeld, next thing you know, you’ll be talking in the third person.

Good Point. I really wouldn’t need this logo till my sophomore year anyways, thats when I start putting together my portfolio.

I’m going to change the direction of this thread to designing my Company Logo. For my 18th birthday my parents set up my own business for me. So for the past 8 or so months. Ive been running it, getting everything evened out. Right now its pretty routine I probably only work an hour a day if that. So a lot of free time.

So I’m going redo my business cards (first ones were done by my uncle), letterheads, promo flyer’s, and a website. Probably in that order. Not sure if i should make a new thread but Ill probably just keep it in this thread.Oh yeah, I do home insurance, by the way…

Here some cards I made last night.

Company: Eman’s Insurance
Logo: Y Eman
Moto: Why Choose Eman’s Insurance? Because…

love the Y? combo look. but think maybe too cool for insurance. (nothing personal, my dad is in insurance).

still agree though with Bbarn. not liking “Eman”.

what are you trying to communicate with the branding? who is your target client? I would imagine you would be going after homeowners, which are typically older, and some of the more modern look may not give the right impression.

Think about the corp ID of most financial institutions. Usually they try to convey some sense of stability (you dont want the place where you leave your cash to be gone tomorrow), tradition (if they’ve been in business for a while, you can likely count on them), and professionalism.

that being said, if you are going for more the first time homeowner, a younger, hipper crowd, your approach would be good.

one thing- if you have the web domain, you should change your email over to it (ie. A gmail email address doesnt look very professional or trustworthy.

another thing thinking about the name/logo again- “Why” is right? why would someone choose your business? I dont think the name helps build a foundation. As a new business, already people might wonder why to choose you. You shouldnt reinforce it, and give the impression that even you dont know why someone would choose you. If I asked you why to pick your company and you said “because”, id for sure walk away…not a very good question or answer IMHO.

Good project though. Interested to see where this goes. I do a lot of branding, and its nice to see another designer’s thought process on the subject, esp. while doing it for themselves. I’m actually just in the process today of doing my own business Corp ID. Maybe ill post up later for comments…


A little more general advice on the need for a personal logo or identity.

Be very careful not to over-design your-self, your portfolio, and even your presentation boards while still in school.

I have seen countless examples of students presenting solid industrial design work only to see it picked over in a critique because they have tried to add some fancy graphic design to their boards or portfolio only to see it overshadow their actual ID work. (and I mean overshadow in a bad way…)

If you are aspiring to be an industrial designer my advice (to all students - not just Slain) would be to make sure your potential employer/instructors etc… is able to focus on your ID work - and not be distracted by your personal logo, copywriting skills, ability to “name” a product etc…

The why? actually has a little story behind it. It comes from my parents. When they got me my car the license plate said Y E-MAN. They never told me what it meant said it was surprise. Well the surprise turned out to be this company. So the name Eman’s Insurance was already set up an everything. Same with the slogan. Cant really change the “Eman” it seeing how its on the DBA and everything. And its hows I’m registered with all the Insurance Providers. Other possibly option would be Carrillo’s Insurance. But its their wish for the name to remain Emans Insurance.

My target market is new homeowners, not really targeting those who already own homes. They usually have a specific company theyve used and feel comfortable using. Most of my clients are referred to me through real estate agents that we know personally. Usually its people that are tired of renting and are finally buying for the first time.

The “because” part has a lot more to it. Is something along the lines of. Because we are a family owned and operated company, striving to provide quality service and personal attention, and so on. I don’t have the actual phrase memorized. Its written down at home.

Ill be sure to put together some more “traditional” style cards. I do get what your saying. This is my first real project I’ve done so I got a lot to learn.

I do have the domain and ill be sure to start setting up an email account.


those bus cards look pretty good.

a few thigns to remember. use dark colors on light or use white or dark colors. white on medium or dark grey is always great.

a good example of this is the white text on orange you have. it really pops. maybe tone down the orange a bit. just a small bit.

also bottom right looks nice. grey on white with an accent or pop color is always very smooth. when using the grey white combo, sometimes a really rich pop color is most appropriate. vibrant.

never go with color on color. the yellow and red one is not working at all. also, in that same card, the grey on yellow is really muddy.

overall cool stuff. when i was 18 i thought i was big ballin when i sold a few pairs of shoes on ebay.

take it easy,

one more thing…

i do not like drop shaddow effects in a logo. if the card is actually raised or recessed that is ok.

once you start putting a drop shaddow on a logo, you will begin to wonder if your logo should have a drop shaddow every time or if it is just an exception. your logo will begin to appear many different places with different variations and maybe even colors. the way it is clear is also a bit scarey. you are losing an identity with it. unless each time you use your logo you plan on placing it “clear” on top of some type of wood grain or other color.


some nice work, improvements possible:

you have 2 logos, the y? and eman. Choose one.

your y? logo has no relation to anything you are communicating, as opposed to your eman - obvious your name is the source.

professional design speaking, I think business card #3 or 6 are best, although with 4 colours each it’s too much.

Alright, just got back from Vacation, so I’ll continue working on these. I updated them a bit. Just looking for comments on like layout of the card and then I can work on color schemes after. I’m hoping to have these sent of to printing soon. So that they come back before I leave for college.

Heres an update: Of what i believe will be the final business card design.