Personal Identity Design


I have very little experience in graphic design and branding, so your feedback is much appreciated!

Please check it out on Behance.


The first question should be whether you really need a personal logo. I don’t have one.
In my opinion, unless you are running a business named after yourself you do not need a logo.
Having a personal graphic element is nice though if you can also use it functionally.
I can see that this logo would overemphasize your own identity a bit while what you’d rather do is emphasize the quality of your work and let your identity speak for itself through your own actions.

That having been said, as an icon it’s not very unique but it works and it has a high recognizability factor. First associations are Nike, esp. with those colors, and an airline company.
With some more design process it could definitely be improved - say we could try to tweak with the sharpness in different places, and something about those parallel lines looks off to me.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give feedback, Ralph.

My intention is not to bring the logo forward, but to practice logo design and personal branding. I am not planning to market myself with the logo, as I am not in a position to be or act like a brand. I agree with you on my work being the priority.

I will work on some alternate versions of the logo and try more curvy designs.