Personal Buisness Cards

Hi Everyone,
In class I’ve been asked to design a business card for myself.

I started off by gathering up images that stood out to me
and then I made a mood board of sorts.

Here’s a mock up of my first shot at a business card.

Any feedback or advice?
What makes a good business card?
I haven’t priced it out yet but I’m interested in the Spot UV cards.
Has anyone seen them in person? I have a feeling they’ll end up looking tacky.

Rear dot is clear spot uv?

Type on front then I assume must be foil stamp as you can’t print white typically unless on a special press. Same with green in black.

Could look nice. Not digging the font too much but the layout is ok.

If you are going for a super deluxe card with the uv and foil, also check out special sock or triplexing 2 black stocks with one color stock in the middle so the edge has color (or can duplex and edge print).

All told very pricey though. I’d guess depending on qty close to $1/card.


I can print white at my office… UV flatbed printer.

Ya. Like I said, special printer. Not your average digital or cmyk offset. Btw if looking digital find a printer with an go indigo machine. Almost offset quality with all the benefits of digital (short runs, no dtp costs). Similar price and way better quality. Ink doesn’t sit on top of the paper like a standard docucolor. ESP. Amazing on uncoated stock.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

rkuchinsky- I’m not really happy with the front either. Adding anything extra somehow seemed unnecessary.
Any ideas on how I could improve it?

Does anyone have any advice as to how many business cards I should print?
As a student I don’t imagine I will be using too many from now until graduation ( 1+ year or so )
But at the same time I imagine printing in small quantities will be more expensive especially with all the extra’s I have here.

I like your card. It might be a visual effect, but the placement of the text on the front seems like it’s slightly off center. I’d make the typography/justification clear, maybe even centered to be in line with the backside or a clearly off-center composition

one thing that can stand out on homemade cards is the paper thickness sometimes ‘feels’ wrong and the shape can be slightly off or look xacto-ed… I’d suggest you make sure pick a good thickness have someone block cut a stack of the printed pages, it will look much nicer

also, I would print out at least 25-50 for an event, its nice to introduce yourself and pass out a card.

Ditto this. I’ve seen Indigo work at a shop in the city here. Stunning quality on paper.

Since we are on the topic of business cards. You HAVE to watch this:

It never gets old.

Hahaha! Great videos guys. Thanks for sharing

rkuchinsky/NURB - is the “go indigo machine” the hp indigo press? Sounds like a good bet.
I did a quick Google search for local print shops using an hp indigo press before running off to class and I didn’t have much luck.

What are your thoughts on ordering locally vs online?
This is pretty unfamiliar territory to me.
I figured It’d be best to stay local and try and see as much of the stock/print options as I can.

Where’s local?

San Francisco / Bay Area