Persauders - Frontline episode - November 9 on PBS

Each year, legions of ad people, copywriters, market researchers, pollsters, consultants, and even linguists-most of whom work for one of six giant companies-spend billions of dollars and millions of man-hours trying to determine how to persuade consumers what to buy, whom to trust, and what to think. Increasingly, these techniques are migrating to the high-stakes arena of politics, shaping policy and influencing how Americans choose their leaders.

In “The Persuaders,” airing Tuesday, November 9, FRONTLINE exposes the inner workings of the marketing and advertising industries, and the new and surprising methods they use to decipher who we are and what we want.

Correspondent Douglas Rushkoff (shown) takes an in-depth look at the
“persuasion industries” — advertising and public relations. To cut
through mass-media clutter and to overcome consumers’ growing
resistance to their pitches, marketers have developed new ways of
integrating their messages deeper into the fabric of our lives, using
sophisticated market research techniques to better understand
consumers, and turning increasingly to the little-understood techniques
of public relations to make sure their messages come from sources we


A documentary essay, The Persuaders also explores how the culture of
marketing has come to shape the way Americans understand the world and
themselves, and how the techniques of the persuasion industries have
migrated to politics, shaping the way our leaders formulate policy,
influence public opinion, make decisions, and stay in power.

The technology allows game developers to create areas within the game reserved for potential advertisement possibilities. These areas could be billboards, character clothing, even > dialogue> . Advertisements would not be hard-coded into the game, rather, the technology would allow the ad sales teams to sell a particular area for a given amount of time or number of impressions.

“When a game machine is connected live, we download the ad, and upload the impression data,” said Massive, Inc. CEO Mitch Davis.

One of Massive’s first games involves a New York-city based game where a major retailer will have the ability to serve up new window advertisements on its digital storefront.

Gamers are tracked. New advertisements are delivered on the fly. It’s both a game publisher and ad exec’s dream. Atari and Ubisoft are among the game publishers to sign up.

kinda old. but noticing alot of deals being made lately. reported on Blue’s News.

viral marketing goes virtual. wonderful.

This all makes me sick


It is pretty sickening but no surprise considering the historical context. A current BBC documentary called the Power of Nightmares tracks the rise and pervasive growth of radical Islamists and neo-conservatives … two more driving forces which have governed how the US people perceive themselves and the outside world.

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