Permission to use company logos?

I have been asked by my supervisor to do a “trophy wall” in our company lobby. This means they want logos displayed on the wall of all the companies that buy our products. A way for us to “brag” about who we serve.

My question is-- Do I need to get permission from the companies to use their logos on our wall? It is for internal use only. Also, the logos need to appear fairly large (at least a foot wide). Since I only have the logos in various small printed forms (brochures, etc) will it work to scan them and print them large?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks…

Call the companies and ask for their permission, they will probably let you do what you describe. As for scanning and printing large, it probably won’t look that good. You could recreate the logos in Illustrator (vector art) and then make them large. Or you could see if the logos are on either of these sites.

I had another thought if the companies don’t want you to use their logos (some organizations have very strict rules). You can use their names, not logos, in a well designed piece of signage. Using a nice font, cheap vinyl lettering can look good on the right combination of materials (ie, stainless, frosted plexi, laminates, etc.)

Or, for $100 you can get a large-format poster printed, mounted and laminated at Kinkos.

Thanks for the advice- and the website links. I did a quick search and was impressed with their library of logos.

Unfortunately I have been ‘told’ not to ask for the companies permission. Which is why I wanted to post my question in case there is a serious issue here. Basically if we’re doing something really wrong I want to at least advise my supervisor even if he ignores it.

I like your idea about just using their names! Thanks.

I was always under the impression that so long as you aint using it for monetary gain, slander or claiming you designed it you are able to use there logo for whatever reasons and you don’t need permission…

Maybe you should call a lawyer and ask if you are able… like an intellectual Property lawyer or sommin…

I’ld just do it probably the worse they can do is make you take it down, I’ld doubt they could or sue your company or anything.

When it comes down to it, it aint really your problem though- “Just do it”

:open_mouth: oops I just used a Nike Trademark

we do exactly the same thing, but on our website.

never had anyone contact us and tell us to take it off.

but i agree you should have the ‘real’ vector art or file.