$ per hour

Quick survey. What is the current average billable rate (per hour) in the design world right now?

Ok this might be too sensitive. What should designers, hypothetically be billing. Hypothetically you understand not actually…what is design worth…100-150 per hour?, 165??? 180??? 210???250 ???300???

Mark, probably you are aware that hourly rates vary greatly geographically, locally, and within companies dependant on project. On another thread here someone posted he charged $80 10 years ago and charges $80 today. This is my experience too, historical - trend speaking.

Small consultancies are in the 50 - 100 per hour, large consultancies up to about $150 per hour, all dependant on personnels’ charge rate.

I would suggest there are better business models than the $ per hour, but they require effective and ruthless project management, something few industrial design consultancies are barely competent with.