PepsiCo and Arnell do it agian!!!!!!


Yeah what was I thinking.

What’s interesting about the concept renders is that color band at the top of the flap to denote the variety. That looks cool on paper, but in the photos from the store, you can barely see it because it’s in shadow under the shelf. Does a company as big as Pepsi make a huge change like this without testing it first?

I think the answer to that is unfortinatly yes my friend.

oh god… i might start not putting logos in presentations to marketing… thats all they want to talk about.

designer-“heres the new product we are coming out with”

-marketing spots small logo on page somewhere-
“is that the final logo? i dont like it there”

designer-“dont worry, the branding is not final at all yet, this is just about the general direction of the product at this point”

“ok cuz it should maybe be a litte bigger”

designer-“yea we arent even adressing that yet, its just on there as a place holder”

“ok well we need to make sure it doesnt stay there”

designer thinking-“umm… can we get on with the actual presentation here???”

I saw this new Sierra Mist package in the store yesterday. I don’t know who designed it, but I’m curious what everyone thinks of it:

Personally, I like it, but for the same resons I like the new Tropicana package.

And for the record, I hate that new Pepsi logo!

This was done by the same firm. All of Pepsi’s new branding was done by the ArrnellGroup. I have the same critique on this as I did on the Tropicana, I think it looks very generic. This looks very private lable.

Check out this thread. new Pepsi look!?

i agree with above.
i highly dislike it, it looks like sams club.
i dont want leafless trees on my pop can.
“hmmmm, what makes me want to quench my thirst… oh here we go, a dying forrest.”

they were better before, to just do a slightly different version of what sprite has. lemon, lime, refreshing, splash… done.

This is a great quote. It made my day.

I like the sierra mist graphically but as a poster or book jacket or something. It doesn’t say “drink”. It’s very Tales from the Darkside with the trees. Am I showing my age?

I really like the old Tropicana a lot better. The orange on the front makes it look more fresh, and a happy feel to it. If they really wanted to redesign it, they should have done something more similar to the old design. Then a year or two later redesign it again to what they originally wanted, so that it’s not a shock to the consumers. It also looks too generic/cheap.

Sorry but I hate the Sierra Mist design. Over simplistic, and not enough like the old one. It doesn’t connect peoples idea from the old one to the new one. Also too generic/cheap looking.

I hope Coke doesn’t go the same way.

Funny, I saw this packaging and thought it was a very deliberate shift responding to consumers.

I am not a fan of the design but when looking at the the layout, it strikes me as a deliberate reference of stripped down packaging you see at trader joes or Whole foods, and even some large retailers (see seventh generation’s paper goods packaging).

Looking at the response consumers are having to the quality of food that they are buying, it makes sense that Tropicana might want to shift away from a package design that screams “mass market, large company”.

The straw piercing the orange was an image that worked to reference “close to fresh squeezed” successfully. Times have changed though and we have much less inherent trust in the safety of the foods we are consuming.

In current context, placed next to a more stripped down simpler graphic I can definitely see why the new one might be perceived as more honest and closer to the unprocessed fruit while the other looks highly produced and gimmicky thus less healthy.


Sierra Mist: The Text treatment is a fun idea, but what’s up with the background? - it’s like some spooky Halloween tree!

Private label is the new brand look man.

I like it as well. I think our new digital tools and advanced printing processes gave us the ability to print any graphic we could dream of in the last 10 years. What did we design? Oranges with straws coming out of them and cows jumping over planets.

I don’t agree with all of what they are doing here with this no Pepsi stuff (The Pepsi branding itself for example), but I love what they are doing. Now that we can print anything, they are dialing it back to focus it down. I for one love the misty Sierra Mist much more than a foggy mountain top. And the tone on tone misty tree silhouettes is much more sophisticated than a private label would do.

i agree, never thought of it that way, but yes i think its nice, with the color and imaging, but just no good for a soda can.

If you guys are in any doubt about the utter bollocks that pays for the Arnell group’s supply of uncut cocaine, check out this treatise on the Pepsi rebranding. (6Mb PDF)




If you guys are in any doubt about the utter bollocks that pays for the Arnell group’s supply of uncut cocaine, check out this treatise on the Pepsi rebranding. (6Mb PDF)

Takes all of the fun out of design in one fell swoop. Where is the passion? I didn’t realise that graphic design had turned into a mathematical equation.[/quote]

I have a little more respect for the logo itself. I didn’t pick up on all the proportions. I wish I could hear the pitch to the Pepsi board for this…

Where did you find this file? I can’t believe this leaked…and so soon!

I have worked with the Arrnell Group and knowing their culture and the way they conduct business, this look a bunch of BS to me. This isn’t how you design logos and packaging. I think by doing all of this you trick the customer into believing what you are saying even if they do not like the out come.

I also question where this cam from. This seems like very proprietary information.

As soon as I saw this picture, it’s all I can ever see when I look at the new Pepsi logo.