PepsiCo and Arnell do it agian!!!!!!

I don’t know if you all saw this but there is new Branding for the Tropicana packaging now. It looks Horrible. What the hell is Pepsi thinking. They have destroyed their Flagship branding (meaning Pepsi) along with Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Serria Mist and now Tropicana. I was looking for this in the store the other day and walk right by it. I thought the store was out of stock and bought another brand. Take a look for yourself.

The top is the new and the bottom is the old.

it looks so much more minimal and generic, like anti-packaging design. maybe it’s the economy… :open_mouth:


I’d love to hear their reasoning for removing the orange/straw and swapping it with a glass of juice? I’d also like to hear non-designers response to all the Pepsi re-branding, someone must like it…

I think it looks nice but for a different company. There’s no connection with the old graphics. Also, for me one of the biggest things tropicana had for it was how it labeled the different selections like no pulp, calcium, etc… You could spot it instantly and without any confusion know which one you were getting. This new version has the “no pulp” hiding in the glass of oj. I’d like to see the other versions to compare how easy it is to differentiate them. That color block they used to use was a winner, once you knew your color you didn’t even have to read it. It looks like they only have it on the top flap now which you won’t even see in a lot of supermarkets where they’re placed low and in a shelf. So you’d be forced to read the print that’s on the orange juice picture.

This is a better look. The “no pulp”, “A lot of Pulp”, ect… color block is at the top of the carton which is hidden on shelf. It look Generic and like a private lable.

Get over it guys.

That’s awesome

I agree this is cool, but it is meant to be this way and the design works. The Tropacana doesn’t. Sorry that I am passionate about this but I am a Package Designer and I think packaging plays a big role in the success or failure of a product.

I saw this in the stores before this post, and my impression was a favorable one. They chose a cleaner font and at the stores it really communicated a healthy message. The previous version looks over-worked-sorry.

I am not arguing that it is a bad design (well I guess I am a little) but more that they took all of the Tropicana Brand equity out of it. There is no way you would be able to notice that this is Tropicana if I was to cove the brand name. This is not true of the old. The old designed communicated the product very well with product shots, color blocks showing the different features of pulp and calcium, and it ha familiarity. And I am sorry, it may be cheesy but people remember the commercials with the straw being poked into the orange.

I have to say I prefer the new one to the old one. Why is OJ always so “folksy”?

The new one is clean, modern, you could say processed… and that is what the product id as well. Mass produced, good quality OJ. I think it is honest.

at first glance it looks like “x-supermarket” private label. And ive been following this topic on other forums. It looks generic and inexpensive. What is the obsession with clean and modern? It works sometimes, but not ALL THE TIME. especially here. From a brand standpoint, they lost their essence. From a usability standpoint, big FAIL. I think the old one is actually very good usability-wise. why screw it up?

sorry for the rant. it just gets to me when huge companies pour huge $$$$ on supposed ‘experts’ to come out with sub-par results. We trash ID companies when they come out with crap. Graphics/branding is no different.

Why would you remove the most iconic part of your brand (orange with straw) and replace it with something generic (basically a photo of the contents.)

PS: My wife says the new design looks like something medical that you have to drink before a test :wink:

I have a feeling that probably started out a sweet looking modern design by some designer who has a bit of talent… and then the marketing team got their grubby little hands on it and added all the crappy copy and ruined the balance and negative space the designer was probably going for.

EPIC FAIL in my opinion

I agree CG. That was my first thought as well. The biggest problem I have with the new design is that all of the varieties of juice look the same. This includes Grapefruit Juice, Tangerine, etc… There is no product shot anymore and no color blocks and all of the eye catchers on shelf have been removed. I do agree that it is sleek and looks great on its own, but does not work when it comes to the big picture on shelf with the whole portfolio.

d-flux to you point about “supposed experts”. This was done by the Arnell Group. I have had experience with them and I was not surprised by the design when I heard this bit of info.

I think it looks medical as well. My first thought was actually multivitamin tablets. But perhaps that’s the message they wanted to convey? Medical, healing, efficient, compressed… who knows.

Sure, it has no resemblance with the old packaging. Perhaps that is part of the strategy to target new customers or whatever. Those who already regullary buy Tropicana, don’t do it because of the packaging I’m sure.

You can add this package to the list of increasing simple graphic design.



I find the layout of the text on the tropicna packaging a bit awkward. ‘tropicana’ feels a bit squashed and the round glass next to that square block of ‘100%’ text just makes me feel uneasy.

I disagree here. People buy a lot of things based on the packaging and graphics especially food. The orange and straw was a iconic symbol of their brand, why take it away. That would be like taking the M&M’s characters off the M&M’s bags. It would destroy the branding.

Sorry for the rant. Just my $.02

Typography 101: sideways type always runs top to bottom. Any other way reduces readability. Even worse, it starts at the midpoint of the product, providing no visual anchor as a starting point. Are these guys amateurs or what?

If I got this project and wanted to go for simple/modern, I would have taken the orange-with-straw graphic, put it front and center with the word Tropicana, and moved everything else to the flap–of course I’d test the hell out of it to see if it actually got consumers to buy more, and built brand recognition and preference.