Pepsi Halloween Cans, or something like that.

Okay I know I pick on Pepsi quite a bit and we all know their last rebrand was awful, but they make it way too easy. So here it goes…

Okay parents lock up you kids and keep them away from the Pepsi cans!!! The cans may give them nightmares and be scared to go to sleep at night! What is this? These have to be one of the most boring flattest designs I have ever seen. They call them Limited Edition cans, but If I was in a store I doubt I would even see them. Do the people over there in there creative group or Arnell know anything about contrast and visual language? All this can is going to do is blend in with the others and other than the words it does not say Halloween.

One ore FAIL for Pepsi

Lamer than lame. Boo is right, Pepsi. Boo.

Sad really - they’ve completely prostituted their logo. How long are they going to bludgeon their consumers with that POS

I posted this in the Brand Spotting thread but this is the way you do Halloween Cans. Well done Jones

Pepsi has been doing this with their public advertising. I’ve seen this on all the billboards in the subway stations where they’re just using the logo as an “o” in the word.

maybe they could try and not suck. Oh wait, Coke is already out there and been doing it longer.

I don’t drink soda, but when it do it’s Jones.