Peoples opinions...

… are all different.

Has anyone ever done some concept work and had a sketch back from the customer with the comment “this is what I want”!

How have you dealt with it?

Sorry if this is going over old ground.



Managing clients and stakeholders is one of the most difficult and important aspect of our jobs in terms of getting good design into the NPD system at the early stages. Handling something like that really depends on all f the personalities involved and understanding what he hired you for (ie were you hired to ideate a new product, or hired to implement someone else’s product concept, and was that clear?).

I’ve had sketches handed to me from clients before they have the opportunity to even leverage our design capabilities. Sometimes they’re on the right track and sometimes they’re not. The upside is that at least you won’t hear the dreaded, “I’ll know it when I see it”, syndrome. Sometimes a client sketch can be very helpful in understanding their direction, even when it does come in “after the fact”.

As far as how I deal with it, it depends on if the client sketch is achievable, meets manufacturing constraints, proportion, and in my industry; regulations. Sometimes, if the client concept is doable, I’ll provide a literal interpretation as well as a consultative interpretation, this helps show a comparison between what they (think) they want vs. what I think they need. In some instances I’ve not billed the client for my interpretation because they did not request it, but I still wanted to show them a direction that I strongly recommend.

So, you also have to consider that your name may be attached to their direction in the future and you have to determine for yourself if this is something you are comfortable with.

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