Pens that don't bleed?

I was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative to using Bic ballpoint pens for sketching. Sometimes I like to sketch in pen and then marker over that, except my Prismacolor markers turn the ink purple on paper and it smears. Are there other markers or pens that work well together?

i dont use ball pens but,
there are fabercastels that dont bleed with marker

its called:

PITT artist pen

comes in XS, S, M, B

pilot hi tec c’s do not bleed with any marker - the choice of scott robertson

Chartpack marker pens do not bleed with bic crystal medium

and impossible to find…for whatever reason pilot doesn’t distribute them in the US. gotta find a speciality shop or Uni bookstore that bulk imports them.

the only place online ive seen them is at but i have resisted ordering them thus far.

o rly?

we have like a million hitec pens at our school.
and i live in the US

i got mine from jetpens, its not that expensive if you buy 1 pen and a load of refils

do they teach you how to read at that school you go to?

lol, now now, you know we all went to art schools, I can’t read either. You should have drawn a little picture to communicate your ideas…

Can you feel the sarcasm?

also on that site someone posted, it says: “With Hi-Tec-C pens, you’re not just taking notes, you’re having a writing experience.”

I remember my first writing experience…it was with a luck little number named Bic.

also, since you’re in Chicago…apparently there is an asian market somewhere in Arlington Heights that has the hitecs.

Its probably easiest to just get them online, but I’ve been trying really hard not to buy anything online anymore unless its not offered anywhere else. Is my one man attempt to save the retail world. :open_mouth:

Called Mitsuwa market. It is quite nice, there is a grocery store, book store, and a cafeteria style restaurant, there use to be a toy store, but it was waaaayyyyyy expensive. It is on the corner of Arlington heights road, and Algonquin.

ok. went to the Mitsuwa market today. bought about $50 worth of the hightecs.

They are bad ass.

on a side note, they should totally carry some Muji and/or ±0 products.

I whish there were more muji stores in the US, The only ones I know of are in NYC and Kennedy airport (in NYC). I got a friend of mine to send me some of the pens from Japan. I cannot wait to try them.

I just bought the Sharpie Pens. There new and not the older fine tip markers. They are amazing. My sketching literally got better by using them. They have a good black look and you can get thin construction lines.

None of the markers I’ve used (Copic, Prismacolor) make them bleed.


Yeah, I had been looking for those sharpie pens too, and found them at a CVS in Cedar Falls IA (on a trip to peoria) so I grabbed a couple. I’m sure I could have found them somewhere in MN, but I really hadn’t been looking that hard.