Pencil Sharpener Recommendations?

Hey all,

I’ve recently found that I really like doing construction lines with Polychromos pencils and then going to marker. I’ve been using a cheapo generic manual pencil sharpener for forever and decided it is time to upgrade.

Anybody have any recommendations? Any products to stay away from? This is for my desk at home, so electric or manual… doesn’t matter. But I guess it would be nice if it were portable for sketching on the go. Either way, I’m looking to get a high quality tool that sharpens pencils quickly with minimal effort.


I was on a similar search not too long ago and ended up getting and really liking the KP-123 Model from Panasonic, it’s well designed and works well. It’s also more compact and wide instead of long and thing so you get a little more room for sketching. :slight_smile:

You can find these on eBay every now and then. (I see a blue one now!)

I’ve got a Boston. I mainly got it because it was all matte dark grey with no graphics :slight_smile: I’ve probably had it for 10 years though. No problems.

It is like this one, but with absolutely no graphics for some reason!

Thanks for the recommendations! Seems like you both went the vintage route. That Boston brings me back to elementary school, except it was the cheezy wood panel version:

Not sure what I’m going to do yet… the search continues!

These, and the No. 307 from KW-trio are great too: