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Well registerd and all ready saw some amazing stuff. I hope by showcasing some of my work here, I’ll get some good c&c and learn to improve myself.

Posted below is some of my most recent works, recently I started combining illustration with photoshop. Please bare with me :blush:

*My first kinda vector project, I tried doing hills but then decided to switch to clouds. this was still 100% photoshop. It has white borders so it kinda looks weird

A banner I made for my personal weblog. It’s in dutch so feel free to check it out

Well my most recent work, and the one I am currently most proud of. This is a combination of photoshop and illustrator

Well this is me in a nutshell, most of my projects don’t follow standards. Often I start out with something completely different.

Cya around,


nice work.

bottom one reminds me of site i just saw. unique to me. feeling of shallow shapes laying on top each other. like foamcore cutouts. something cool about that.

i like. i am looking at them and i wonder what they are for though and what they mean if they have a meaning…i am not sure. are you a graphic designer. I go to school for graphic design and I see students work web worka nd print that uses alot of vector image and mix with a photoshop. I love illustrator not so much like photoshop. but your stuff is dramatic an deye catching. the only problem i have is that it leaves me un satisfied ( not a bad thing-not diss’n the work) but I am attracte dto it and am looking at it and i am wanting to find something out or learn something and i kind of leave with wht i camw with. but these are probably not everything.

on the bottom image i like it the colors and the clouds look nice a kind of dream scene. i would just like to see more scale change with the rectangles. but looks nice.

what inspired you with this project and is that your logo? the king crown over the copy (safe haven). I am interested in the meaning an dknowing more about the logo. but that probably doesnt fit on a ID forum.oops

“but that probably doesnt fit on a ID forum.”

sounds legit to me.


post more stuff…

Hmmm, well the thing with my work is. I start out with something completely different. For example with the dream project, when I first started it. It looked like someone was opening a door. I made a shiny outer glow line, and fiddled with shadows. This made it look like there was light shining under a door, and the door was opened. Thats the part a little lower where the plane flies over.

What I tried to do next, was to make it look like someone was watching if someone was sleeping. And the dreams would kinda fly above the persons head. I also thought of calling the piece a better day, but I just couldn’t make it fit.

And no I am no designer, my work is pretty random. So even though I would like to go on being all poetic about what I mean when I put a custom shape tool in a place, I think it wouldn’t be justified. I just kinda make what I want and it doesn’t necessarily has to have a reason. It’s kinda how I look at it, when it’s done. To me it’s kinda more what fits in.

Plus I find it a bit of bs that people post some really crappy design but have a nice reason behind making it. Like it’s the reason that makes it better, I don’t agree on that.

post some crappy design then write some shyt on it…i would like to see this…can you send me the link or give me an example this is not really calling someone out I would just like to see what was said.

I guess i would like if you elaborated on what you said.

I think if you visit deviantart often u will find plenty of that stuff. What I am trying to say basicly is, that a good piece should need no introduction.

This is my opinion, I don’t meen to offend or insult anyone it’s just how I feel about these matters.

Well instead of posting a new topic, I thought using this one would be better.

Well after a lot of fiddeling I think I got it just about right. It started as a desert haha. Sorry bout the small size btw.