Peak Design vs. Amazon

Anyone else seen Amazon knock-offs to this degree? Is there something behind this story that I am missing?

Hey they are just trying to be the world’s most customer focused company. /s

I liked the matching tech business attire.

Step 1) sell everything to everyone
Step 2) collect all the data on what sells the best and how it can be improved
Step 3) make the products with the most profit
Step 4) promote your own products by making them come up higher in the search on your own retail platform
Step 5) dictate the terms of everything


Unfortunately I think we (users of Amazon) have helped them to create a system that allows them to do things like this. As a family, we backed away from spending any money with them a year or so ago unless absolutely necessary, even in the pandemic. It isn’t always easy but it is possible… not that our household dollars will convince them to change their business model and practices, but hey, a few bucks less for them… and if we have to pay for shipping and wait a few extra days I’m fine with that.

They come off so smug sometimes. Not in their actual communications, but with the products and services they introduce, almost with a sense of impunity to any repercussions or blowback. “You’ll still give us money anyway.”

The guy at the sandwich counter at WFM this past weekend said “uhhh we don’t really do that” when I asked if he could make me a sandwich.

American Capitalism outlived Soviet Communism by about 30 years. RIP.

I’ve got a couple of Peak bags. I just took my first post vaccination work trip and used a Peak duffle and was reminded how nice their stuff is. Pockets in all the right places for me. Really sublet clever things like magnets in the hand straps so the locate and well designed custom hardware that just works… this duffle was perfect for a 36 hour trip.

Saw this job ad on LinkedIn…wonder if this is the 2021 version of being an industrial designer for Sharper Image or Hammacher Schlemer, except its for FBA… something about this seems sketchy, no?

“With the experience of evaluating more than 5,000 Amazon companies, acquiring nearly 100 top-rated brands, and managing the scale of nearly 14,000 category-leading products, Thrasio’s brands outperform almost every other seller on Amazon.”

(I could be, probably am, getting this wrong, but this headline could be applied to the Peak ripoff.)

That looks nice. The material has a cool low key sheen at least in that photo. Remember the real test is sprinting the distance of 40 international gates, making your flight, and still being able to get the bag into the overhead.