what do you know you about islam? what do you know about Muslims? who is Mohammad?
Islam is the religon os peace, clemency and kindness. Islam came to integrate all the human kind to adore Allah. Our lenient god.he sent his messenger Mohammad to all people on earth and he almighty has ordered Mohammad to bulletin his message around the world. he command Mohammad to deal with people in agraceful way and by advising them and telling them about aljana and alnar ( paradise and hell ) and donot forcing people to believe. it is an optional thing.
Mohammad was a kind, high-minded, well-mannered man even with non Muslims. He refused violence and killing the honest people. terroristics is a minority and they do not present Islam.
we respect all religons. no matter what they are but we also hve the right to defend our lover Mohammad in peaceful and irenic way. The freedom do not mean to attack others and insult them and that thing all the religons have agreed on.
muslims refused terrorism, burning embassies, killing people and insulting others in the name of freedom.


If Mohammad didn’t push his religion on anybody why are you?

why does it take the promise of a paradise when you die, to allow you to be happy now? I thought the point was to not “need” those things, if your only motivation to be content in this world is that you will get the paradise when you die, then that seems hypocritical.

Excuse me, does this question mean you think all Muslims are Muslims because the religion has been pushed on them for the last 1400 plus years? 'Cause this means Christians have been badly pushed, too, and for the last 2000 years or so!

Man, I don’t know what you’ve got, but I hope someone has a cure for it. :laughing:

I am not being sarcastic, but I think you should save this preaching for SOME of your fellow Muslims who is not behaving according to the teachings of Mohammad.

In all sincerity, I think you should save this preaching for SOME of your fellow Muslims who is not behaving according to the teachings of Mohammad.

siily bug what are you taking? cos it must be effecting your reading skills, i didn’t say anything about muslims as a whole pushing thier religion, i was talking about the “kuwaiti muslim girl”.

when god hath showrd the earth so lovely seemed that landskip


paradise lost
book 4 [line 153]

Very well put. Everything I have read on Islam (which is admittedly very little) seems to align with your statement.

Unfortunately Religion and Spirituality often get mixed with custom and tradition as those who are in power try to stay in power and keep the people in line. Look at the years of war between the British and the Irish. The Crusades. What’s going on right now in the US with the “Religious Right” and what WE SEE going on in the Middle East. While violence seems to go against the very core of Islam, the radical minority has become the virtual spokesperson for an entire religion while the rest seemingly stay quiet and let them do their thing.

I’m not saying this is how it is, I’m saying this is how it appears, I would love to see otherwise. Actions do speak much louder than mere words.

My general take is that no matter who you pray to, if you live the best life you can, you will be all good. If you are a real a-hole and know it, but you go to church or temple or pray 5 times a day, it’s still not going to turn out good for you. Obeying custom is just a nice nod to our past, it is understanding what the customs mean and living as best you can.

Well, being agnostic myself, I find it hard to relate… However I feel that basically with any religion, it comes down to individual interpretation of historic texts. If everybody followed every single bible teaching, then people would end up being stoned for being homosexual or working on a sunday (we would have no IDers left!!)…

Likewise, the Qur’an can be interpreted in many ways. The Qur’an infers that it is ok to punish your wife who commits adultery and that if a murder or similar crime is commited then it is acceptable to seek an eye for an eye. So i therfore dont think this violence directly goes against the core of the traditional Islam. However as with the bible, most muslims extract the messages of the Qur’an that preach clemency and peace rather than revenge and archaic punishments.

I feel many westerners find it easiest to deal with the situation to catagorize muslims as being either fundamentalist extremists or pacifists. This to me seems oversimplified and dangerous. Im not saying all muslims are fundamentalists, I just feel the situation is far more complex than pidgeonholing into these two extreme catagories.

Islam is a very peaceful religion. It is a shame that many people in the US don’t understand the culture. I’m taking World Cultures this year in school and disappointed I had not been exposed to them earlier.

Religion of peace my ass…