PDF presentations

Can anybody offer advice/ tips on how to compile a pdf pres. with low file size. my pdf’s from illustrator end up being huge, even after I compress them in acrobat pro.


If you don’t need to zoom in, rasterizing your vector art can cut down file size, especially if you have a lot of small details. This works well if you are going to be displaying or printing at a fixed resolution.

Hard to give you the best answer without knowing what you have in your presentation. But here’s a few simple things.

Have you selected “Smallest File Size” under the “Adobe PDF Preset” pull down menu after you click “Save a Copy” and select PDF? If you’ve done that, that’s as small as the file can get with the current content.

If you’ve already done that and you have lots of images, you can shrink them in Photoshop and replace the existing images with the lower res files…and THEN choose the above setting when saving out the PDF.

What I do is I export them as jpegs and you can control your compression. Then import the pages into acrobat.

Remember to save your illustrators as RGB jpegs or else they will turn up weird looking.

For resume, I actually make it in Word and export as pdf. Mine is abt 80kb including the graphics on it.

Separate your text and images. You can take all the images and save them as jpgs and compress them in Photoshop. Combine all separate images on a page into 1 lo-res image per page. Save the lo-res jpgs and send them to the back of each page from which they came while deleting all the high res images on the page. As long as your text is crisp and vector you can get away with quite a bit of compression.

Thanks guys and gals this will help alot. Little steps that I havn’t thought of