PDF Portfolios? Post Yours Here!

I’ve been searching the net for examples of PDF portfolios. I’ve so far only found about 10 or so. Of those only 2 were nice. Anyone have .PDF portfolios i can look at? AKA a version of your portfolio in nice PDF format?

I need to get ideas, of how to do mine for a project, or just ideas.

Lets make this the PDF portfolio posting thread!!!

I don’t think that’s how things work. You post your attempt and people critique it, then you improve on it. People are not going to be willing to give you free ideas when you have not even shown anything.

It’s not about taking others ideas, lol. If you don’t want to share yours that’s fine. I just wanted to start a discussion and view others portfolios. It’s not like a big deal since everyone here probably HAS their portfolio online here anyway.

I’m just curious to see what people have done, layout, and other things. Just like viewing cssvault.com or someone’s portfolio for ideas doesn’t make me a thief. I just want to get my mental juices flowing.

I’m in the process of designing one, and I want to have something to compare mine to when finished.

Can someone show me a step by step guide on how to create a pdf portfolio?


u need adobe acrobat

save all your works/samples in pdf format
and insert into acrobat.

and waa- lah

IDED: thanks for the help. I should’ve made my question clear and asked about how to do an interactive portfolio. I’ve seen pdf portfolios that act like a powerpoint presentaton were you can view mpegs and have transition effects etc.

Any idea how this can be achieved?