PDF portfolios - how do you make the file sizes smaller?

After saving my illustrator document to a PDF file the size is huge! For example one page = 22 MB?! How do I decrease the whole portfolio to under 10 MB when one page is 22 MB? I’ve noticed that on coroflot some people were able to post their portfolios as links. Then you would download their whole portfolio which is under 10 MB (20-35 pages). How does this work?

  1. Open your PDF in Acrobat (I’m using Acrobat 3D ver :sunglasses:

  2. “Document” pull down menu (at top)

  3. choose “Reduce File Size”

  4. Choose the lowest Acrobat version you can, for example “Acrobat 4.0”

  5. Save As a NEW FILE, don’t overwrite your original file

*If the PDF looks bad (weird text and pictures), then try opening the original PDF, repeating the steps, and go a step above, for example “Acrobat 5.0”, and resave

**If you overwrite your original PDF, you won’t get it back.

I use Acrobat Professional. When you have Professional installed it will allow you to print as a PDF. So when you are in Illustrator just go to Print and then in the print dialog box choose Adobe PDF as your printer and hit print. Print each page and then use Acrobat Pro to create a PDF from multiple files. There is also an alternative if you would like. Save all your illustrator files as an EPS and then just creat a PDF from multiple files in Acrobat Pro and it will convert all of the EPS files. Hope this helps.