pdf layout

I’m applying to a few jobs based on postings that I saw recently. 99% of them ask for a pdf with 3-5 samples. I already have a website and I’m sending the pdf because thats what they explicitly asked for. Should the pdf be something carefully designed like a website (ie, should it have a layout, text, titles etc?) I’ve heard ppl say that companies ask for a pdf so they can see your work bigger than they would on a website. If that is the case, shouldn’t I just keep it really really really simple? Also, is a letter or tabloid format better for a pdf?

Any help would be appreciated. You all are awesome! :slight_smile:

The format depend on the country. In the US you should use letter. The pdf samples are a “get to know me”. If they like it you´ll be asked to show a complete portfolio.

Good luck!

I’m in the US. In a letter format space is limited, but I agree that it might be the best format. Should the pdf be very designed with a grid etc or have a big sample per page with a few lines of text explaining the project a little more?

I would recommend each page being its own project, emphasizing the highlights of the project. Make sure you include your resume and try to make it a neat package. Page one=cover letter/intro page. Page two=2-4 work. page 5=resume.

try to get a nice format or theme for the whole package, i prefer landscape 8.5 x 11, I’ve seen it vertical also.

hope this helps