PDF file settings and professionalism

Like all students, I’m sending out portfolio PDFs to different places I’d like to intern, and will soon be in the professional world dealing with sensitive intellectual properties and file management.

My question is: What are the standard PDF file settings to prevent editing, or to prevent the viewer from being able to see who I’ve sent my PDF to?

I’ve seen complaints in other threads about this, so I want to be sure I’m not doing it. I write individual personalized emails to everywhere I apply, but I’ve obviously applied at more than two or three places. Also, while I want to restrict editing/knowing who’s viewed it, I still want studios to be able to print off my portfolio after downloading it from my web site.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

When you save a PDF there is a security tab. You can set a password and prohibit any alterations, copying and pasting, etc.

As far as standard settings - save it as low as you can go before it starts to look crappy. 72DPI should be fine for screen viewing and low res printing as well as keeping the file size small. Just make sure your file still isn’t gigantic as some images may not compress well and you may need to compress them seperately as low res JPG’s and bring them back in from Photoshop.

Also - as far as I know there is absolutely no way at all to tell who else you sent your file to. Files don’t have network access to report back saying “This file was opened by bob @ IDEO”

Just go through the save settings and you can figure this all out it’s fairly straightforward.