PDE At Glasgow And Brunel, Your thouhts on each.

I finally got my act together (somewhat) and applied to Brunel and Glasgow for Product Design Engineering at entry in second year. My initial choice had been Glasgow, and to date it’s the only one that has given me an offer. However, I know how accurate thoughts fired from the hip are, so that’s why I’m asking for your thoughts.

Things I’m generally interested in a school:

*Great teachers - unique learning styles.
*Practical Projects that are more the center of the education rather that the theory
*Not a swamp of mind-numbing theory (I know that in engineering this is inevitable. I just prefer more hands on learning)
*Good lessons in drawing, modeling, rendering, CAD, etc.
*An environment conducive to open design, sharing ideas and generally trying to work things out with students rather than simply handing grades out.
*Living in a place with lots of culture, and, and music, but not too far from nature.

So what are your thoughts on each school? You can ignore the everything above if you want and just give me your impression, or you can compare them based on those issues. Just something something. Every little bit helps.

I cant speak directly about either brunel or glasgow

However brunel is at the top with Loughborough and Northumbria within the UK as far as design degree programs go.

Im interning with a brunel student and from what i gather the course is pretyt much similar across the board with Lboro which is you learn and dip into all areas, you have workshop time, drawing lessons learn about materilas, Cad lesson. The impression i get from brunel is that its more focused on the how stuff works and engineery side which sounds like its right up your alley!

Hopefully someone currently at brunel will be able to give you some better feedback.

I was wondering why Glasgow is almost never mentioned here. If it is, it’s the GSA, but never the University of Glasgow. Maybe that has to do with product design engineering not being a big thing on these forums. Either way, when I search rankings (eg. Times Good University Guide), Glasgow ranks above Brunel in both Art&Design and Mechanical Engineering. I know rankings are very subjective things, but even so I was curious as to why Glasgow doesn’t get much mention here. Really, I’m just curious to find out as much as I can about both schools (or any other schools with a good PDE program), and I’m having trouble getting any opinions on Glasgow’s PDE program.