paying for SAIC

I know Im gonna catch crap for this, but anyone have any tips on how to afford SAIC. the tuition is $36,000 per year and I honestly just cant afford it. I got a $10,000 scholarship that will pay each year as long as I meet the criteria, but that still leaves $26,000 per year for me to pay. I applied for financial aid and didn’t receive it because of my step-dad’s income. He isn’t going to pay for my school so his income doesn’t have anything to do with me. I really want to go to SAIC, but with the price i’m not sure its going to work out. any tips at all are very much appreciated. Thanks, Bryce

There are plenty of online resources for paying for colleges. There are both Federal, Parent, and Student loans that you could take out.

Every situation is different so its hard to give very specific advice. Could be something simple like working extra jobs while in school or taking a year off and saving money for tuition. It could even mean taking measures to no longer be a dependent of your parents and filing for financial aid independently. All depends on your specific situation.

Other options could be finding a cheaper school. Schools like ASU, OSU, VirginaTech and Cincinnati are public universities and thus benefit from in-state tuition. Getting residency in a new state takes a bit of work, but it could save you thousands of dollars.

Check out and see what options you might have.

Thanks, I’ve filled out a ton of those scholarships so we’ll see how it goes.

That seems pretty expensive for how open the ciriculum is.

Yes i agree, it’s a very expensive school. I think I’m going to try to set up a meeting with some type of financial adviser at the school and hope for the best.

I’d love to get some insight into why you selected SAIC?

I’d think about going to a state university with a good ID program

im constantly changin my mind on this whole deal, and as of right now, im thinking of going to the local community college for generals and going to southern illinois university and getting my bfa in id there because i think can do it with near nothing in loans which will set me up for a much easier future. anyone else have any opinions on this? thanks again, bryce

University of Illinois in Champaign is a good option.

i agree, but then id have to pay for housing. at siu i can live an hour and a half away with my parents. thanks for your input

Your 4 or 5 years in college are some of the most important in your career. They will teach you the basics of your craft, help you get your your first internship, and set you up for your first job.

4 years of debt in nothing compared to 30+ year career. Get the best education you can.

Seriously, capital “I” and there is an apostrophe key.

Is this about being easy, or being who you want to be. I’m referring to both your text and your University choice here.

Thanks for your input, friend.