Paul Jr. ?

I thought JR. had the Coleman thing nailed.

This job has been posted for a while now. It shows the date as being 8/14 but this position was posted in late June or early July. It’s strange that they even have these positions posted right now. My girlfriend’s sister interviewed for the Sr. Financial Analyst position and was told they would like to hire her but they just had a company wide hiring freeze.

I bet with this position you would have to work with Paul Jr. and help make his designs a reality.

Maybe they want more than “Paint it black and put diamond plate on it.”

Well he just puts his name on the stuff his company designs doesn’t he? He must have a staff of talented designers who do the actual design work for him as he’s really just a bike fabricator. Jason was the one who did all the design work in American Chopper.

I don’t know if I’d say “actual design work” but yes I’m sure it gets delegated someplace.

Speaking of celebrity* designers, is anybody at DC shoes? I saw that Rob Dyrdek designs all the shoes in his signature line.

Yeah it seems to happen a lot. Dr Dre headphones, Pharrell shoes etc.