Patterns in Solidworks

What is the best way to model a pattern on a surface? I want to create simple geometric forms (cubes,etc) and create custom patterns with lines so that I can then project the patterns onto the surfaces of the forms and raise them slightly . In other words, I want to have 3d textured patterns, not 2d. I hope this makes sense. Any advice is much appreciated. thanks.

you can use indentation or deforming tools or if on a sheet metal setting a forming tool. you can do a pattern on a 3d curve but i’m not sure if a pattern created that way ,which is the only 3d way, will give you what you originally intended because when you pull it’s in one direction only and no individual forming tool controls. you have to experiment and see how close it comes out.

you can also wait for SW 2007 which might have some more advanced features you’re looking for that allow more flexibility on patterns. however, it’s rather unlikely pattern components would be individually flexible for morphing.

it would probably be better if you create a surface then cut it and form individually and then join back in the assembly mode. that way you have more control over the process.