"Pattern Recognition" comes to life

I read William Gibson’s novel “Pattern Recognition” a few years back. I remember thinking at the time that he was tapped right in to the culture of the Internet and that the book was a pretty important piece of fiction for the Design Industry.

This new post on the Core77 blog about a fake Porche design feels like it was stripped right from the book.

Very interesting stuff.

I was pretty impressed with them. Very sneaky to drop it into an obscure Czech forum. Very cool idea.

How did you like Pattern Recognition by the way? I was thinking about checking it out.

Why can’t I veiw this video? It is telling me that it is private.

My guess is that someone’s hand has been slapped. The video has been taken off YouTube.

@Nurb…Pattern Recognition is my favorite William Gibson book to date. I am reading Spook Country right now, and it hasn’t gripped me nearly like his previous books…it has a much slower build and I am still waiting for the hook more than halfway into the book.

I think I was the only one that knew this was fake. I didn’t even bother clicking on the link on Jalopnik, it looked fake in the tiny thumbnail. Reasons:

b pillar was way to thin, possibly non-existant.

c pillar shape is arbitrary. It doesn’t seem to follow anything in the rest of the car.

car is way too shiny for a mule.

hatch is just plain weird.

This abortion would make the Panamera look good, so perhaps Porsche should consider making a real prototype.

cool, reminds me of the M coupe.
i think i did see the post on jalopnik, but i never clicked through. from the still of the youtube vid it does look like a pretty darn good cgi job.