Patio Chair Design

First post, let’s do this.

I’m working on a patio chair concept. I’ve done the drawing in SketchBook Pro. Tell me what you think!

First of all, great render for SKPro… I thought it was CAD.

Second, welcome to the contributors part of Core!

Third, wanna talk a bit about this design? What inspired it, why you made the decisions you made, it… Right off the bat I’m wondering why the legs are so short: it looks really uncomfortable to get up and sit down. I’m also wondering about the material of the seat and back cushions: patio chairs usually have to withstand weather and not get dirty easily, right? This looks like it would get smudged up on a rainy day or a BBQ party.

Ditto welcome aboard!

It has a “marine” feeling to it; looks like it might be found on the lounge deck of a super yacht.

You’re asking the two uprights on the front of the chair to carry a lot of load… consider someone coming up behind and leaning their full body weight on it; you’re going to get some deflection for sure. But it does lighten the appearance of it.

The wood (?) base… not liking so much. It softens the chrome tubing, but something’s off… may need some radii to go along with the tubing.

The cushions… nice, hard edged, blocks… probably won’t stay that way, if you could even make them to begin with. And as Tarngerine mentions, the seat height appears to be too low to the ground and relative to the height of the arm rests. Some indication of human interface would be helpful in your sketch. A major concern, to me, is that the seat, especially at lower heights, benefits from being inclined… with the seat of your chair being parallel to the ground the the persons legs will be extended while the back is reclining … the effect will be that all of the upper torso weight will bear on the coccyx and become uncomfortable in fairly short order.

I don’t offer this as an “ideal” but simply to illustrate my point

I thought it was CAD too. Its tight, but looses the character of hand sketch. I see you are looking towards modern design, but just like other minimalistic product design there are subtle details such as radius, lines, cohesive appearance, minimal yet practical, character, etc. that you could consider in the design.

I also thought it was CAD to! It would be nice to know the thought processes behind the design and more about the selected materials! I like the way it looks, but I’m not sure how comfy it would be to get up and down onto it!

As mentioned earlier, be careful with that color. While the cream does sell, it isnt on the top end (people assume they will get dirty). Top colors in the industry by sales are brown, tan (darker than the color you have), orange, and green. Also, even with using a sunbrella covering, those cushions will still weather, leaving a big ‘dent’ in your cushion. There is a reason why most patio furniture is only 1-2" thick. As far as the wood goes, look into using a rattan or aluminum. The newest trend that everyone is looking for is faux bois aluminum, which gives amazing weather resistance while still giving the appearance of wood.

I agree great rendering, how ever on the design I do think this is too low. I can just picture having my knees in my face sitting in it. Also something about the chrome/wood has a bit of a disconnect for me. They don’t look unified, like the chrome was thrown on a wood base. Just my opinion though!