Patents + IP (UK) - Books/Resources

Does anyone have any first-hand book/resource recommendations that covers patents and IP, in-depth, for someone looking to take a product to market? It needs to be applicable to the UK. Thanks.

Where are you based? If in the South East visit the British Library, their IP Centre and staff are invaluable and free. Also the Intellectual Property Office website.

I’m going through this process currently, PM me if you wish.

Hi Sam,

Yes, I’m in the South East. I didn’t realise that the British Library had an IP centre. That could be very useful. Ps. thanks for the PM offer …I’ll keep that in mind.

Does anyone have any book recommendations? It’s be nice to have one.

There are loads of downloadable .pdfs on the IPO website you could print.

The British Library also have hard copies of these you can take away. If you do go check their website. You need a few bits of ID and speak to a member of staff before they’ll issue you with a membership card.

I’ll make my way over to the British Library to take a look. Cheers Sam.