patent or not patent

Hi there,

I know what difficult is today to try to invent something,there’re too many designers in the world and could be a posibility that one of them had had the same idea.

But,i’m going to carry on with that and i’d like to be focused on my ideas.

I’ve got some ideas for footwear and need biomecanical studies (if i would like to do something with it).

The problem is,What should I do?

Make the project and try to patent the idea?
Or keep the ideas on paper and try to promote my self keeping the designs in a portofilo?

I wish to share and discuss about these ideas but i feel this is not the perfect place to do it.

I need opinions.


I am in the second year of patenting a concept which is long winded and expensive process but meets the needs of the end goal I have in mind for this particular vision.

Depends how novel your idea is and how much money your willing to invest.

I spent a lot of time researching patent attorneys and getting free 30 minute sessions to understand how much of the concept i could protect, the process and costs.

I see your in London and would reconmend Briffa in Islington as a starting place (they are based in the design centre)